Nothing But Respect for *MY* President

90% of the art/bags/buttons I have made thus far have been with the help of Sex and the City playing in the background. When people ask me how long it takes to make a bag or a drawing, I use episodes of SATC as a time frame ("it took me two episodes"). However, there have been multiple times that I've looked up and thought 'DAMN YOU PATRICIA FIELD!!!' (The stylist that famously dressed the cast) while shaking my fists at the sky, because Carrie's style has made me pause and rewind multiple times. I am a jorts and t shirt tomboy gal, but in a different life I would dress like Carrie Bradshaw (and have that cute voice squeak thing she has sometimes). 


Love you Carrie. 

Sincerely, women everywhere. 

Mercedes Tabish